A man (shown) was accused of physically attacking writer and women's rights campaigner Julie Bindel.
A man (shown), previously named Joe Brennan, is accused of physically attacking writer and women’s rights campaigner Julie Bindel.

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK – A male, transgender individual and transgender activist who advocates violence against women who reject gender identity ideology has been accused of physically attacking a women’s rights campaigner, and is facing charges of threatening and abusive behavior.

On Wednesday June 5, Julie Bindel, writer and co-founder of Justice for Women, participated in the event “Women’s Sex-Based Rights: what does (and should) the future hold?”

Feminist academics and activists engaged in discourse on how a shift in legal language from naming biological sex to naming self-proclaimed gender identity threatens the human rights of women as enshrined in the 1979 United Nations Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The discussion panel was hosted by the Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership at the University of Edinburgh.

Julie Bindel
Julie Bindel said she was attacked by a man after an event discussing the rights of women.

The university’s Staff Pride Network condemned the women’s rights panel, claiming it put transgender staff and students “at risk of physical and psychological harm.” When the university refused to cancel the talk, the committee resigned. Liberation, a trans advocacy student group at the university, claimed the panel made the academic institution “unwelcoming for trans people.” Liberation gathered outside the event in protest.

Ms Bindel and law professor Rosa Freedman left the event together a little before its scheduled 7 pm ending in order to catch a flight. By then, protesters had dispersed. According to Ms Bindel, a man wearing a “long skirt” was lurking outside.

The “protest outside earlier … had gone, so he was obviously waiting for me,” Ms Bindel reported. He screamed, “I was scum, I was a c—, I was filth,” she said. “He was shouting and ranting and raving, ‘you’re a f—– c—, you’re a f—— b—-, a f—— TERF.”

He lunged at Ms Bindel with raised fists, and a security guard restrained him, she later recounted. She then took out her phone to film him in order “to get some evidence,” in case he presented a “danger to other speakers or delegates.” The man became so enraged at the prospect of being filmed that it took three security guards to drag him away as he resumed his attempts to physically harm her, she said.

Ms Bindel, who was left shaken by the incident, explained that it differed from past protests staged by transgender activists at her events, because “I know that they have intended no physical harm and I’ve not flinched or been afraid. This was altogether different. He intended to beat me up.”

Ms Freedman said she had witnessed what she describes as a violent attack on Ms Bindel.

A spokesperson for the University of Edinburgh issued a statement: “An incident occurred after last night’s event. Our security staff acted swiftly and professionally to ensure that no one was harmed and the event concluded peacefully.”

Joe Brennan, the film critic and transgender activist accused of the attack, denies that he raised a fist, though he concedes that he had “lost my s— at Julie Bindel.” The man, who has a long history of openly rallying fellow activists to physically harm women who express disagreement with gender identity ideology, insists he only “attempted to push past security so I could speak face to face with a person who has caused great harm to trans people across this country.”

Gallery of threats and rallying calls for attacks against women by transgender activist Town Tattle

The man, who now calls himself Cathy Brennan, has been accused by US feminist Cathy Brennan of Baltimore, Maryland of taking her name as part of a years-long campaign of personal harassment and stalking.

Diane Abbott, a Member of Parliament since 1987, tweeted to Ms Bindel, “Horrible. Hope you are now OK.” Transgender activists responded with outrage at the Labour MP for her display of concern for Ms Bindel’s health.

Transgender activists also slammed Ms Bindel for “misgendering” her attacker.

Pink News, a transgender advocacy magazine, posted an article and tweets that critics say are dismissive of the violence Ms Bindel says she was subjected to.

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