Derya Yıldırım
Derya Yıldırım, a male transgender, followed a man home and stabbed him to death in a road rage incident. (Courtesy: Hurriyet Daily News)

Osmagazi, Bursa, TR – Derya Yıldırım is a man who identifies as a woman. On April 23rd, Mr. Yıldırım had an argument with another driver, Can Görkem Bayraktar, over which of the two should yield at an intersection.

In a fit of road rage, Mr. Yıldırım followed the other driver to his home, where he stabbed the young man in the abdomen.

The victim was rushed to the hospital, but died there.

Mr. Yıldırım is also the prime suspect in the murder of his own boyfriend, who was killed in a separate incident.

Can Görkem Bayraktar
Can Görkem Bayraktar, the deceased victim of a senseless crime. (Courtesy: Hurriyet Daily News)

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Transgender woman says she killed man in self-defense after road rage in Turkey’s west

Hurriyet Daily News
A transgender woman who was arrested for killing a man after a road rage incident in western Turkey has claimed she had killed him in self-defense. Derya Yıldırım was arrested over the death of Can Görkem Bayraktar after the two argued in traffic over who should yield in Bursa on April 23. The prosecutor indicted Yıldırım of following Bayraktar to his home before fatally stabbing him.

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