Alicia Gray (née Sean Ojeda)
Alicia Gray, born male and previously named Sean Ojeda, is accused of molesting a 16-year-old boy. (Credit: Bryan County Sheriff’s Office)

Durant, Oklahoma, US – A 31-year-old man who identifies as a transgender woman was arrested in early February 2019 on charges of sexual battery of a minor and obstructing an officer. He is accused of following a 16-year-old boy into a Walmart restroom and grabbing the teen’s genitalia. He later refused to cooperate with investigators, authorities say.

The accused sexual assailant, Sean Ojeda, claims the boy looked like a person he had met on the internet and was expecting to have an encounter with in person.

Mr. Ojeda was born male and is physically transitioning to a feminine persona he calls Alicia Gray.

The teen went to a Walmart department store in Durant County to buy gas and floor mats. According to police, Mr. Ojeda was sitting on a bench when he caught sight of the teen, and followed him into the men’s restroom.

As the teen used a urinal, Mr. Ojeda went up beside him and grabbed the boy’s private parts, his accuser later said.

The teen pushed Mr. Ojeda’s hand away and told him to stop, but Mr. Ojeda continued his attempts to molest the boy, the accuser later reported.

He also sexually coerced the boy, twice insisting that he wanted to have sex with him, records show.

When another person entered the restroom, the teen saw his chance to escape, and left the restroom, he said. He went to his uncle, who was also in the store, and told him what happened.

Mr. Ojeda was arrested for sexual battery of a minor. A charge of obstruction was added after Mr. Ojeda allegedly refused to surrender his phone to law enforcement.

On Wednesday, February 13, Mr. Ojeda was released on bond. He faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted of the charges.

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