Heather Marie Dunn
Accused sexual assailant Heather Marie Dunn at a November 16, 2017 meeting of the College Republicans. (Credit: Emily Blobaum/Iowa State Daily)

Adel, Iowa, US – Heather Dunn, a man who identifies as a trans woman, was accused of two counts of sexual assault and four accounts of sexual harassment against College Republican members and their guests.

His accusers report that the incident occurred at a party in Adel, Iowa. Dunn, a 35-year-old Conservative and evangelical Christian, was a senior at Iowa State at the time of the alleged incidents.

Dunn maintains his innocence and claims that he doesn’t remember any details of the sexual assaults.

“I was under the impression that when I came out that the College Republicans were actually accepting of me,” Dunn said. “It looks like I was wrong.”

Dunn also states that these accusations are due to transphobia, although this is refuted by the College Republicans.

Due to the allegations against him, Dunn was impeached from the College Republicans at a meeting that was attended by 35 people. No formal legal charges were pressed against him.

Dunn came out as transgender on September 20, 2017, and will be graduating from the university in December. He changed his name to Heather Ann Dunn, and bought new clothes and a new purse to fit his identity.


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Heather Marie Dunn sits with her back straight, eyes drawn forward and legs spread equidistant from her chest. She fidgets with her recently painted lilac nails — pushing one fingernail under the other, again and again.

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