New York, US – A man who identifies as a woman pulled a knife on a female colleague, held it up to her, and threatened to stab her to death after several apparent slips of the tongue caused her to reference his biological sex rather than his gender identity.

The man had requested that his colleagues at the boutique shop use the pronouns “she” and “her” when speaking of him.

One co-worker, a woman, referred to the man as “he” and “him” a few times over the course of several weeks, which led to the two arguing on some occasions while customers were present in the shop.

The final time that the woman referred to her transgender colleague using male pronouns, he exploded in rage. He threatened her with a knife that he had been using to slice soap, pointing the weapon at her as he told her that he would kill her for calling him the wrong pronouns. No customers were in the store at the time of the incident.

On the next work day, the man’s employers called him into the corporate office to discuss his violent outburst. According to the man, the realization that his female colleague clearly did not perceive him as a woman had caused him to feel “unsafe” at work.

He claimed that his female colleague’s failure to validate his gender identity had triggered the pain he felt at being disowned by his family and being forced to resort to the necessary in the streets just to stay alive.

The woman who had been threatened at knife-point told corporate that she had always liked her colleague. She explained that her use of male pronouns was accidental, not malicious, and a result of her lack of education about transgender issues.

The female victim and management took pity on the man. Although he was fired from the job and the victim filed a restraining order against him, charges were not pressed.

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HR Confidential: An employee called a co-worker by the wrong gender pronoun—then received a death threat
The scenario: I was working in corporate HR for a retail company that had a bunch of small boutique stores. One of those stores employed a transgender woman who asked to be referred to as “she” and “her.”


  1. When my little brother was 15 he was stabbed in the heart by a kid who was often teased at school. This incident occurred in the playground at lunch time over some collectors cards. My brother is assertive, argumentative at times, but very kind and gentle and definitely not a bully. He lost so much blood in the minutes waiting for the ambulance, which was only 5 minutes away, that he almost died on the spot. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency heart bypass surgery. It was touch and go for several days but he finally pulled through. In the days following this incident the local paper printed a story about the boy who was bullied and how he was the REAL VICTIM in this story. The magistrate obviously held a different viewpoint as the boy was sent to a child detention facility. Resorting to actual and real violence against another person in retaliation for life being hard on you is NEVER OK. This age we live in where what people say to you is now being given equal status to your actual personal safety (ie is called violence) is just outrageous.

  2. As long as transgenders continue to behave like injured victims who need special treatment to fit in, they will never succeed in de-pathologizing their condition and getting people to see them as natural. If it was a natural state it wouldn’t require medical intervention to pull it off and it wouldn’t have taken until now for society to be forced to make special concessions for their illness. People with physical and mental disabilities get far less attention in society.

  3. Why was he not arrested for a hate crime? I am glad that he was fired and that the woman took out an AVO against him.

  4. For God sake – charges should have been pressed. This is nothing more than enabling this violent behaviour that there are NO excuses for. What happens to his next victim because he got off from charges this time. Take responsibility folks. And damn the pronouns – this whole thing is insane and its another way to provocatively shove their hatred in biological women’s faces.

  5. Men are the original snowflakes. You never hear stories like this when it comes to Trans Identified Females being “misgendered”.

    Women are too forgiving, this woman should have pressed charges against the knife wielding man who obviously looks like a man or else she wouldn’t be “misgendering” him by mistake. This man shouldn’t be in society as he poses a real threat to anyone who would “misgender” him.

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