Jessica Winkler
Jessica Winkler (Source: Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office)

Englewood, Florida, US – A man who identifies as a transgender woman shot his spouse to death, and dug a hole in the backyard of his family home in a nearby county with the intent of burying the body there.

Jessica Winkler, aged 49, a landscaper by profession, killed 51-year-old Rhiannon Layendecker in their shared home in Sarasota County. As the pair argued, Mr Winkler retrieved a gun from another room and shot Mr Layendecker one time in cold blood.

The victim also identified as a transgender woman.

Mr Winkler wrapped his spouse’s body in a blanket, and used a chair with wheels to transport the body to the vehicle. He placed the remains in the bed of the truck before dumping the gun and chair in a body of water near the home. He also began digging a hole outside a Charlotte County home, where he planned to place the body.

However, the next day, he changed his mind and called 911.

The Sheriff’s Office dive team found the chair and gun in the water. Neighbors confirmed that they’d witnessed Mr Winkler digging the hole that investigators found in the backyard of the home owned by Mr Winkler’s family.

Mr Winkler pleaded guilty to a charge of second degree murder. He must serve at least 25 years in prison before he will be eligible for parole.

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  1. In which prison will “she” serve? This trans thing is going to skew crime reporting and crime statistics. The earlier reports of the crime called the murderer a woman, which is a lie. There should be two new categories of crime statistics and I think the most active category will be “transgender women”, because they are men for starters and that never goes away, not to mention that identifying a the opposite sex is pathological.

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