Shelby, North Carolina, US – A man who identifies as a woman was arrested in Shelby, a town of about 20,000, after allegedly spitting at a family in retaliation for a complaint made to police about his presence in the women’s restroom at a local diner, police say.

Michael Lloyd, aged 22, entered the women’s restroom at Denny’s on Sunday morning while at least one female patron was inside. The woman’s concerned husband, David Short, called the Shelby Police Department to notify them that a male was in the women’s facilities with his wife.

Police who responded to the incident informed Mr Short that no crime had been committed. Current state law allows individuals to use sex-specific facilities on the basis of their chosen gender identity, rather than biological sex.

Additionally, Denny’s policy “across the country allow guests to use the bathroom of their gender identity,” spokesperson Hannah Rand clarified in a later statement about the incident.

Mr Short was “upset,” and “not satisfied, but did proceed to calm down,” police say.

While police were on the scene, Mr Lloyd exited the diner and began screaming expletives at the male customer who had made the complaint, records show. Mr Short walked away, entering the diner, where he rejoined his family.

Still irate, Mr Lloyd followed Mr Short into Denny’s, and spit at the man and his family, police say.

Mr Lloyd was placed under arrest, and is facing charges of disorderly conduct. He has been released on unsecured bond.

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A customer at a Denny’s restaurant in North Carolina wasn’t happy when a transgender woman entered the ladies’ restroom while his wife was in there, police say.

A transgender woman was arrested on disorderly conduct charges at a Denny’s in North Carolina this week, after a fellow customer told police she used the women’s restroom.

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SHELBY — A transgender woman was arrested in North Carolina after arguing with a man who complained that she entered a ladies’ restroom, police say.

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