Lily Madigan
Teen boy Lily Madigan was appointed to be a voice for women in the UK Labour Party

Lily (née Liam) Madigan, a teen boy who identifies as a woman, was appointed Women’s Officer for a chapter of the Labour Party in 2017.

Mr. Madigan first declared himself a girl in 2016 while attending St. Simon Stock Catholic School. He described his 2017 appointment to the position of Women’s Officer as “very validating.”

The appointment was highly controversial, as people questioned whether a teen boy could recognize and represent women’s political interests – especially a boy known for posting blow job and rape jokes on Twitter.

Mr. Madigan immediately began using his newly acquired position to embark on a witch hunt to rid women from positions of power within the Labour Party. He created the underground Facebook group Labour Against Transphobia to facilitate this secret agenda.

The underground group formed by Mr. Madigan targets women who believe that the Labour Party should continue limiting all-women shortlists to women. All-women short lists traditionally set aside a few political seats for women, thereby enabling women to have a voice in the Labour Party, after centuries of women being forbidden to vote or hold political office in the UK. In order to win a political voice, female activists known as Suffragettes had endured imprisonment, sexual abuse by police, forced feedings designed to end their organized hunger strikes, serious injury, and even death. Mr. Madigan and other transgender rights activists believe men who identify as women are entitled to fill seats that are set aside to ensure women have a voice in politics.

Two women on Mr. Madigan’s hit list – Jennifer James and Venice Allan – have been suspended by the Labour Party. Ms. James’s suspension came about as a result of her stating basic biological facts. Ms. James laments:

Labour has, essentially, a secret police group with a hit list. I have been suspended for saying women don’t have penises and men don’t have vaginas.

There are thirty-two women on Lily Madigan’s anti-woman hit list.

Mr. Madigan’s debut in politics came at a woman’s expense. Anne Ruzylo, who had been Women’s Officer of her Labour Party chapter for decades, resigned after enduring months of bullying at the hands of Mr. Madigan and his friends. The entire Executive Committee of Ms. Ruzylo’s local chapter of the Labour Party resigned in solidarity with her. Following the successful coup, Mr. Madigan took the 52-year-old woman’s position, becoming Woman’s Officer himself.

Critics argue that Mr. Madigan’s thus far successful campaign to drive women out of politics, along with his public postings celebrating “cis woman-free” panels, have made it clear that he wants a woman-free Labour Party. Self-described progressives and social justice activists worldwide have appeared to show women that if a man puts on a dress, wig, lipstick, or simply claims to feel like a woman or to have a woman’s brain, then that man’s hatred, bullying and marginalization of women is progressive. The Labour Party is no exception, women and women’s allies argue.


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