Male Trans Activist who Identifies as Transgender Rapes Woman to Impregnate Her: Cherno Biko

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    Cherno Biko, Trans Activist

    prominent trans activist cherno biko confessed that he raped woman to impregnate her with his black, non-binary baby and form a “holy trinity” black, gender non-conforming family

    Cherno Biko is a renowned trans rights activist, as well as a man who identifies as a woman. Mr. Cherno, who is black, decided he wanted “non binary” black babies. Therefore, out of a sense of entitlement to the use of a woman’s body for sexual and breeding purposes and perpetuation of his genderist and racialized ideals, Mr. Cherno forced his will upon a black woman, raping her with the intent of impregnating her. Mr. Cherno’s rape victim is a woman who identifies as a man. This is the link to Mr. Cherno’s rape confession, as originally published on the website Medium: “Overcoming Sexual Assault.”


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