Stephen Wood (l.) transitioned to Karen White (r.). (Credit: West Yorkshire Police/PA, left; Rex/Shutterstock, right)

Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK – A male transgender criminal with a colorful background that includes pedophilia and intimate partner violence was remanded to a women’s prison, where he sexually terrorized incarcerated women. He has now been relocated to a men’s prison for the most dangerous offenders.

Aged 52 and a father of one, Stephen Terence Wood was arrested in 2017 for burglary and the brutal stabbing of a 66-year-old male neighbor.

While awaiting trial on charges of grievous bodily harm and burglary, Mr Wood told probation officers he was sexually interested in children and could sexually abuse a child and “think nothing of it.” He has on record a 1989 conviction for exposing himself to a nine-year-old boy, and 2001 convictions for indecent assault and gross indecency against a 12-year-old boy.

A judge remanded Mr Wood to a women’s prison after deciding that Mr Wood had demonstrated the required “gender alignment” by changing his name to Karen White and consistently wearing a wig, false breasts and makeup.

Under a 2017 policy issued by the UK Ministry of Justice, inmates have a right to “self-identify” and to be treated “according to the gender in which they identify,” if they express “a consistent desire to live permanently in the gender they identify with.” The number of male inmates who identify as transgender rose 70% the year the policy was issued.

Within days of his arrival at the women’s prison, the man now known as Karen White began sexually attacking female inmates. Four inmates at the women’s prison accused Mr White of sexual attacks. Confronted by authorities, Mr White confessed to sexual crimes against two female inmates.

One of the inmates had considered Mr White a friend up to the time he sexually assaulted her. His penis became erect during a conversation with her, with part of it poking visibly out of the top of his pants, she said. He suddenly pressed the erect genitalia against her.

Mr White has a pre-incarceration history of sexual violence against women, which came to light after the sexual attacks on female inmates.

In 2003, he spiked the drink of a woman who was two-months pregnant until she passed out, and then preceded to rape her.

Between January and December 2016, Mr White repeatedly and violently raped a woman he had met in a West Yorkshire psychiatric unit.

After pleading guilty to stabbing his neighbor and for rape, sexual assault and wounding in incidents involving four women, Mr White was moved from women’s prison New Hall to men’s prison HMP Wakefield. He was sentenced to life in prison, with a chance of parole after serving nine and a half years.

Prior to his incarceration, Mr White had reported an elderly male neighbor for a hate crime, because the elderly man referred to Mr White with the male pronoun “he.” Mr White was using the name David Thompson at that time.

Mr White’s history includes repeat incidents of violence against a female partner, the daughter of the female partner, and his own son. The domestic violence led to a restraining order barring Mr White from making contact with his son prior to the boy turning age 18.

Other previous convictions include indecent assault, dishonesty and violence.

“He’s evil,” one of Mr White’s close relatives told reporters.

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