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Fife, Scotland, UK – Lord Lewis Moonie, a Labour peer, and a Member of Parliament (MP) for the Kirkcaldy constituency from 1987 to 2005, resigned from the Labour Party on May 14, after being informed that his membership had been suspended, and that he must attend a disciplinary hearing.

Lord Moonie, 72-years-old, was a psychiatrist and community medicine specialist, and served as defence minister under Tony Blair. He was awarded a life peerage on leaving the Commons in 2005. Moonie has supported women’s sex-based rights and does not think women’s spaces should be opened up to men who self-identify as women.

According to Lord Moonie, on May 13 he had a “long conversation” with the Labour chief whip, wherein Moonie refused to cancel a meeting he had agreed to chair. The following day, Moonie was told that he was to be suspended from membership of the party.

Lord Moonie’ suspension occurred the day before a meeting he was hosting about the ethics of transgender healthcare. This event presented talks by “Standing for Women”, and included various medical experts, who focused on issues such as a need for thorough assessment in gender dysphoria.

LGBTI Labour had submitted a complaint against Lord Moonie because of “the transphobic, homophobic and biphobic content he had regularly posted online”. Content deemed problematic includes several retweets or shares of content referring to males who identify as women as men, and criticisms of Lily Madigan, a male who identifies as a woman and who is currently a women’s officer in the Labour Party.

Madigan frequently refers to those who question gender self ID policies as “TERFs” (a slur which stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist) or “transphobes”. This week, for example, Madigan tweeted that an article reporting on violent threats against women “need(ed) to do better”.

Women have submitted various complaints against Madigan to the Labour Party for the manner in which Madigan treats those with opposing viewpoints. It is unclear what action, if any, the Labour Party has taken in response.

(example of a complaint letter about Lily Madigan posted by Twitter user)

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