I have concerns about the potential for violence from the Degenderettes this weekend at San Francisco Pride. The Degenderettes are a transgender extremist activist group who recently put on an exhibit at the San Francisco Public Library, which was dedicated to showcasing their hatred of “TERFs” – women who believe sex is determined by the sciences, rather than just a feeling.

Transgender rights activist Mya Byrne, who was born male and self-declares as a woman
Transgender rights activist Mya Byrne, who was born male and declares himself a woman, wears a bloody “I PUNCH TERFS” t-shirt at a San Francisco Pride march.

While I haven’t seen any specific threat regarding San Franscisco Pride, my concern stems from the fact that the DeGenderettes marched with bats in the parade the past two years, and there was a recent article online (apparently now removed): an interview with Degenderette leader, Scout Tran Caffee, in which he said they have AR-15s, and are in the process of acquiring AK-47s. There are YouTube videos of the Degenderettes at target practice.

My concerns are that:

    1. No one should be carrying anything that can be used as a seriously dangerous weapon in marches or protests;
    2. They are angry at lesbians for not including them in their dating pools;
    3. They are whipping up anti-feminist, anti-lesbian, anti-“TERF” hatred at marches;
    4. Carrying weapons effectively intimidates anyone from stating their differing views on transgenderism or lesbianism (for example, carrying a sign saying “lesbian” on it, because now younger “queers” think the term is “transphobic,” because it asserts a clear boundary that lesbians are only interested in women – rather than the more vague “queer,” which doesn’t make that assertion clearly, thus leaving open to interpretation the possibility that lesbians’ sexual boundaries regarding men are negotiable [“queer” is non-committal and thus more acceptable nowadays because of the trans bullies]). Because of the Degenderette’s weapons, other signs people might not feel safe to carry would include, “lesbians are biological women who love biological women only,” and “transwomen are men.”

The Degenderettes state in their San Francisco Public Library exhibit documents, essentially, that they carry these weapons in parades to not have to hear any messages that contradict their beliefs. We know how enraged they become when anyone bursts their bubble with references to their being male.

    1. Some lesbians or feminists are getting tired of the bullying and are risking carrying signs such as I mentioned above in pride marches
    2. I read a few days ago that last year at San Francisco Pride, lesbians were put in “cages” (I assumed that meant, fenced off) because of the potential for violence, presumably by trans, with tensions running so high

It’s just a very dangerous situation to have men who are angry at “TERFs,” and who have tons of support from the LGBT in general, to be marching with weapons and stomping all over lesbians’ right to freedom of speech, right to be lesbian, and right to be free from violence or the threat of violence.

I have contacted law enforcement regarding my concerns.


*The author of this article requested anonymity


  1. It us infuriating. Let’s not allow it to be war. We need to use our smarts, and stand on the side of peace. They know we have the upper hand in peacefulness, because of the history if trans viol nice. We need to maintain the.moral high ground if we are to win hearts and.minds. Because we can so easily.win on those terms, because they have such a propensity for violence. So.Let’s keep it peaceful, to ensure our and.everyone’s safety, and to won over the.public. We can very.easily use their.male violence against them in the.court of public opinion..


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