Recently in a store, a mini blond hulk freaked out on a clerk. Supposedly, the store clerk wrongfully called him “sir,” instead of “ma’am.”

Mini Blond Hulk Went Into A Rage

During the mini blond hulk’s rage, the store clerk tried to apologize, but that wasn’t good enough. The blond, overgrown child wanted his money back, and wanted the number to corporate headquarters.

When a woman tried to step in and help the overgrown man who was dressed as a woman, he swore at her, also, and told her to mind her business. Then again, she made the mistake of calling this confused guy a “sir,” too.

Mini Blond Hulk vs. Store Clerk

He not only threatened the store clerk by telling him to step outside, he kicked a bunch of merchandise on the way out, knocking it all over.

Obviously, our mini blond hulk felt disrespected because everyone was calling him what he was. That would be a man.

Our mini blond hulk picked on our poor store clerk, because he knew he could get away with it.

If the poor store clerk were to say anything, he’d immediately get fired.

The Mini Blond Hulk Cannot Change His Sex

This guy thinks that he can change his sex by wearing women’s pants. Dying his hair. Carrying a purse. And wearing cute little feminine sneakers. Well maybe they aren’t small due to his large feet, but they are feminine.

No matter how hard he tries, he’ll always be a man.

The “Ma’am” is a Man

My advice to him would be to take a peek at what’s inside his pants. Unless he’s unable to find his secret surprise due to certain reasons, the truth will reveal itself.

The mini blond hulk was threatening an individual who was calling him by the proper sex. He disrespected a woman who was trying to help him.

Our Mini Blond Hulk Was in The Wrong

And while we’re on the topic, why was she offering to call the cops for him while obviously he was wrong?

Maybe I should dress up as the tooth fairy, and call that my “gender.” Everybody seems to be choosing what sex they are regardless of what nature says, why stop now?

And if anybody doesn’t call me Mr. Tooth Fairy, I’ll wave my wand, jump around while hollering like a fool, and wait for a hard-to-figure-out society to defend me.

Mini Blond Hulk Sounds and Looks Like A Man

How are random people supposed to be privy to this stranger’s secret inner gendered impulses? He looks like a man and speaks with a man’s voice – because he is a man.

Most people aren’t maliciously setting out to “misgender” him, as he puts it. Humans, and even animals, automatically and instinctively sense a person’s sex. The clerk said “sir” based on immediate instinct: sensing a man, and saying, “sir” reflexively.

Transgender rights activists have come to the violent customer’s defense, claiming that the sales clerk committed an act of violence by “misgendering” the customer.

Forcing Others To Call The Mini Blond Hulk A Ma’am, is the Act Of “Violence”

If anyone is committing “violence,” maybe it is those who force others to state things that go against what their eyes, ears, nose, brain, logic, instincts and the sciences have taught them.

Forcing people to recite propaganda that violates facts and their own beliefs is a tactic used in fascist and totalitarian state violence.

Those who refuse to repeat what a politically favored group tells them are often punished by the state with imprisonment or execution until they fall into line.

Here, an innocent, low-paid retail worker who lives paycheck-to-paycheck and needs the job to survive was threatened with physical harm and loss of work if he refuses to obey and say that a man is a ma’am.

Mini Blond Hulk Uses Gaslighting As A Weapon

Knowing that people – men and women – fear male aggression and displays of dominance, he used it to his advantage, making threats to beat a person up and violently damaging property.

He capitalized on a natural fear of the male physique and male aggression in order to bully and gaslight people into calling him a woman, ironically.

Mini Blond Hulks Feelings Aren’t More Important Than Others

Why does this man’s feelings override others’ distress at feeling forced to recite what they strongly believe to be lies and cognitively dissonant?

Why does this man’s feelings override how women may feel about being forced to be complicit in self-redefinition and self-erasure?

It’s Time For The Mini Blond Hulk To Take The Diaper Off, And Grow Up

Mini Blond Hulk needs to grow up and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around him. There are other humans out here, and we all FEEL just as much as he does. He is not entitled to a world in which everyone plays pretense in order to center his feelings.


~Co-authored by O. Diana Shaw (sections 6-10)

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