Logan Kyle is a fire team leader with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team 10th Mo
Confessed killer Logan Kyle was serving as fire team leader with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team when he strangled his wife to death. (Courtesy: Facebook)

Lake Charles, Louisiana, US – Male soldier Logan Kyle got hooked on cross-dressing, and friends say he decided he would get a “sex change” once he left the army. Authorities believe he murdered his wife to hide his secret.

Kyle married his high school sweetheart, Shelena Gayler, in 2016 in their hometown of Lafayette, Indiana while she was still in her teens. However, their marriage had a turbulent start.

Kyle had a yearning for cross-dressing that his new wife couldn’t accept. He had joined the army straight out of high school at age 18, and they separated while he was stationed in Iraq.

Shelena Kyle
Shelena Kyle was killed by her husband. (Courtesy: Facebook)

While deployed, 22-year-old Kyle found another woman, 24-year-old Sarah Parker, on a dating site. The two met in person when he returned from Iraq.

Around this time, Kyle went on a shopping spree at Ulta, where he bought $240 worth of makeup and learned makeup application techniques with the help of staff, a source close to Kyle told the Daily Mail. Parker was accepting of Kyle’s cross-dressing.

Kyle’s wife indicated that she wanted to make the marriage work, and Kyle and Parker split up. However, Kyle’s cross-dressing remained a cloud over the marriage. Sources say Shelena Kyle had threatened to report her husband’s cross-dressing to his commanders, and her husband decided to silence her permanently.

The Double Life of Logan Kyle
The Double Life of Logan Kyle. (Courtesy: left, Facebook; right, Daily Mail)

Although Kyle had broken off with Parker, he helped her move her possessions from her children’s father’s house into her father, Jackie Parker’s, house. Kyle drove an hour and a half to Jackie Parker’s house with the body of his wife, Shelena, in the trunk of the car. Most of the move was conducted using Sarah Parker’s vehicle, and the task occupied most of the day.

Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker (Credit: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office)

After the move was complete, Parker took her children to visit her grandmother, June Duhon, an hour away. Somehow, during that short period of time, Kyle covertly moved his wife’s body from his vehicle into Parker’s car trunk.

By the time Parker arrived at Duhon’s house, she was aware of the body in the trunk and mentioned it to her grandmother before leaving the house. Parker later said she knew that Duhon would call the police after their departure.

At 9:30 PM on Oct 21, 2018, Logan Kyle and Sarah Parker were arrested after the police received a caller’s tip about a woman driving around with a dead body in the trunk of her car.

Kyle confessed to his wife’s murder when interrogated by the police. Because the murder occurred on base, Kyle is being held by the military, and his case will be dealt with by military law.

Parker confessed to charges of obstruction of justice, failure to report a homicide and two counts of contributing to the endangerment of a juvenile. She is now being held on $60,000 bond.

According to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, Kyle claimed in his confession that Parker had been helping him dispose of the body, but Parker’s family insists that she was coerced and threatened by Kyle during the time of the incident, and was using delay tactics to keep her children safe. Her family said that Parker and Kyle were not a couple, as they had broken up when Kyle’s wife, Shelena, wanted to work on their marriage.

Parker’s two children, ages 1 and 2, were in the back seat of the car at the time of the arrest and were taken by Child and Family Services. The children are currently in the custody of their father, Eric Dayton.

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