How The Transgender Movement is Destroying Women’s Sports

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    Tiffany Abreu

    Trans women competing in sports against regular women is a huge topic these days.

    Men on average are naturally bigger, stronger, faster, and have more endurance than women. Our lungs, organs and bone structure are bigger. Plus, we men have a higher amount of fast-twitch muscle fibers. When it comes to competing, the average woman doesn’t have a chance.

    Because of this unfair advantage, there are competitions for women only. This gives all women the chance to compete on a level playing field, and make it safer, especially when it comes to contact sports such as wrestling or boxing.

    It’s Not About Your Identity

    For many years I’ve been into bodybuilding and strength-training sports. I’ve also done martial arts for 5 years. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very tough and gifted women competitors out there. But when it comes to going up against men, the game just isn’t fair.

    Before I get into the whole discussion of how men who identify as trans women can possibly have an unfair advantage against women, I’m going to make one thing clear. I have no problem with what you identify yourself as. And I don’t care what sexual preferences that you have.

    What I do have a problem with is physical violence against women, or sexually assaulting them.

    Fallon Fox

    Fallon Fox, second left, brutally beat Tamikka Brent within the first two minutes of a match, causing Tamikka to suffer a concussion and an orbital bone fracture, which required seven staples in her head.

    Transgender Women Have An Unfair Advantage

    Now let’s get into the good stuff. Recently a transgender fighter named Fallon Fox brutally beat a female fighter. Tamikka Brent was the severely injured fighter. She said that even though she is an uncommonly strong woman, she was still dramatically over powered.

    This is because, no matter how many hormones or operations a man gets, his physical size and bone structure will still be much larger.

    It’s also not fair to take away a woman’s dreams of being a champion in her chosen sport because of an unfair physical advantage. Observations of many Olympic events proved this point. When women competed against 15-year-old boys, the competition was even. But when they challenged male athletes, they were completely crushed.

    Still not convinced that such transgender-inclusive competitors have an unfair advantage? Two transgender teens at Connecticut’s high school track and field circle took home top prizes at the state championships for girls. The parents were outraged – and I don’t blame them. The girls worked extremely hard, only to be cheated by men who like to identify themselves as women.

    Transgender Sprinters Terry Miller & Andraya Yearwood

    Teen boys Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood competed on the girl’s track and field team, winning first and second place, with Terry smashing previous records for girls’ track and field teams in the process. (Credit: ABC News)

    Transgender Women Who Compete Against Women Are Cowards

    As far as I’m concerned, any man who can beat up a woman or take away her chances of being the best that she can be, is a real coward. If you want to compete on a level playing field, then you should form athletic events for transgenders, just as they did for women and men.

    Also, don’t get mad when women don’t want you in the locker room. I hear of many instances where transgender women physically assault or verbally abuse women for not being comfortable with having you in there. What gives you the right to victimize women?

    You complain when someone victimizes you, but why is it different when you do it to women? Is it because you think it’s acceptable because you feel like a victim?

    As they always say, bad karma always comes back to you, so treat others as you’d like to be treated. And keep your hands off the women. If all you do is make others victims because you feel entitled to, then it doesn’t make you any better or right.

    Laurel Hubbard, Transgender Weightlifter

    Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard competed against women (Credit: AAP)

    Read about transgenders in women's sports in news from around the web »

    Transgender Sports: Men and Women Have Physical Differences That No Surgery or Hormone Treatment Can Change

    The Stream
    Kate Hall won the 100m sprint at regionals her sophomore year. But a year later, Hall was beat by Andraya Yearwood, a high school freshman. Yearwood was born male but “identifies” as female. At the time of the race, he had not undergone hormone treatment or surgery to “transition from male to female.” Much of the debate about “transgender” athletes has focused on testosterone. Consider the NCAA policy for such transgender athletes focuses only on testosterone. Testosterone plays a big role in athletic performance. But when we start talking about high-performance competition, especially in track and field, small variations make all the difference. These go well beyond testosterone.

    Running: Why Are Men Faster than Women?

    Ohio University College of Arts & Sciences Forum
    When it comes to running, there’s a gender gap between men and women that even elite training doesn’t erase. “Why are most women, on average, slower than men?” asks Runner’s World in the April 2015 edition. “At every distance up to the marathon, the gap between men’s and women’s world record times is nine to 10 percent—and it’s a similar or even higher percentage among recreational runners.” Chris Schwirian, a Biological Sciences lecturer at Ohio University, explains the differences in body composition and function between men and women.

    New Zealand Commonwealth Games Weightlifting Team
    Professor of physiology says transgender athletes have advantage in speed, power
    A New Zealand physiology professor says transgender athletes have advantages over their female competitors and more research needs to be done by sporting regulators before they should compete against each other. Otago University professor in physiology Alison Heather has researched transgender changes, particularly in top level sport. She is adamant international sporting regulation bodies such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have rushed a decision to include transgender athletes in male and female categories, as there has not been enough research.

    Fallon Fox
    Exclusive: Fallon Fox’s latest opponent opens up to #WHOATV

    38-year-old Fallon Fox (5-1) is one of the most controversial fighters in MMA. As many now know, she began life as man but obtained a sex change in 2006. A few years later she then this she pursued a career in mixed martial arts. After two fights Fox then publicly revealed her past as a man, but at that point she had two first round knockout wins to her name.

    Tiffany Abreu
    Woman Becomes First Transgender Player in Brazil’s Top Volleyball League

    Sports Illustrated
    While playing in men’s professional volleyball leagues in Europe, heavy-hitting Brazilian player Tiffany Abreu accumulated dozens of trophies. But she says that among her most important accolades was being named most valuable player for a match with a countryside team Tuesday night as rain leaked from the roof in a half empty gymnasium. “I had two of those (MVP) awards playing in the men’s league. But this is a special one,” Abreu told The Associated Press in an interview after the match. “I didn’t even know until recently that I could play volleyball again.” Abreu, 33, is the first transgender athlete in Brazil’s Superliga , the country’s top women’s volleyball tournament.

    Laurel Hubbard, Transgender Weightlifter
    Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard might have 'unfair advantage' - expert

    New Zealand’s first transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will be competing soon at the Commonwealth Games – however an expert warns she might have an unfair advantage. “It will depend on the individual’s physique and it would depend on the sport we’re talking about,” Otago University professor of physiology Professor Alison Heather told RadioLIVE on Friday. “A man transitioning to a female has physiological advantages that they take into their new female life.”

    Transgender Sprinters Terry Miller & Andraya Yearwood
    Transgender athletes speak out as parents petition to change policy that allows them to compete as girls

    Yahoo! News
    Transgender athletes speak out as parents petition to change policy that allows them to compete as girls originally appeared on Some Connecticut parents are petitioning to change the rules of state high school athletics after two transgender track and field stars began dominating girls’ competitions. Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, both 16, are transgender student-athletes who compete on the girls’ track and field teams at their high schools, and their state championship glory has triggered a heated debate in their community.

    Toronto Furies' Jessica Platt
    Meet the first openly transgender athlete in the Canadian Women's Hockey League

    CTV News
    Toronto Furies forward Jessica Platt has come out as transgender, making her the first openly transgender athlete to compete in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. Platt posted a message on Instagram on Wednesday night announcing her decision to go public with her gender identity, thanking her friends, family and the CWHL for their support. “I want people to know you don’t have to quit pursuing your dreams to be the person you were meant to be,” she said.

    Nattaphon Ice Wangyot - Track and Field
    Haines transgender teen breaks barriers at state track meet

    Alaska Public Media
    A Haines teenager was likely the first transgender student to compete at a statewide high school athletic competition. Nattaphon Wangyot was born male, but has identified as female since she was about five years old. Her participation in last weekend’s track meet in Anchorage drew a lot of attention, both positive and negative. Wangyot goes by the nickname ‘Ice.’

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