A tragic story highlights one of many significant complications the gender identity movement throws into an already overburdened health system that frequently fails women, particularly women of marginalized racial groups.

The May 15th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine described a case in which a 32-year-old who appeared to be a man entered the emergency room complaining of severe abdominal pain.

The patient, who is actually biologically female, identified herself to a nurse as “transgender” upon arrival. She also informed them that a pregnancy test she had taken at home had read positive, and she had “peed” herself. However, medical staff were thrown off by the fact that the patient visually passed as a man, and electronic health records that labeled the patient male.

He was rightly classified as a man. But that classification threw us off from considering his actual medical needs.

—Daphna Stroumsa of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

While medical workers would ordinarily place in triage for urgent evaluation a biologically female individual who arrived to the hospital with those symptoms, a nurse downgraded the condition of this patient – who was obese and had quit taking blood pressure medications without medical supervision – to stable and non-urgent.

As a result, by the time it was discovered that the male-passing patient was pregnant, and that the umbilical cord had slipped into the birth canal, it was too late to save the infant’s life. The infant’s heart stopped. The patient gave birth to a stillborn baby on the operating table.

A Series of Tragedies

The first tragedy is that a woman was uncomfortable with her own body, and became plagued with the irrational belief that she could change her biological sex. Sadly for such sufferers, believing hard enough cannot magick their female biological system into a male biological system. A woman or girl who is post-puberty and not sterile can fall pregnant when a penis leaking or ejaculating semen enters her vagina.

Would the woman have exercised precautions if she had been honest with herself that she was capable of getting pregnant, regardless of her faith in her gender identity? If that was impossible – such as in the case of rape – would she have discovered her unplanned pregnancy prior to its final stages when her condition was severe?

The second tragedy is that the pharmaceutical and plastic surgery industries are lining their own pockets by fostering an illusion. People like this woman are being lied to and taken advantage during gender-affirming consultations. The testosterone pills they prescribed her and the amputative surgery they performed on her healthy breasts did not cause her to biologically transition from one sex to another. Such changes can only be superficial.

Childbirth International on pregnancy
Childbirth International used the phrase “child-birthing individuals” on a May 14, 2019 post. Dozens of women protested, and the comments of all were deleted and the women banned.

Doulas, midwives, child-birthing organizations such as Childbirth International, and health organizations like Planned Parenthood are also complicit. Organizations and individuals once dedicated to women’s health are now referring to women with such dehumanizing language as “birthing individuals,” “menstruators,” “uterus-holders,” “gestators” and “vagina-havers.”

This language is dehumanizing and derogatory, as it reduces women down to our biological functions and body parts. This language erases the human, the woman, who is of the sex that has these parts and functions. Women who protest such anti-woman language, which was birthed by the gender identity movement, are condemned as “transphobic” for simply wanting to be named and acknowledged.

This deprecating language contributes to a culture of confusion as to which humans are of the sex that is capable of birthing children, and during which sex acts and with persons of which sex they may impregnate or be impregnated. It also contributes to a culture of aliennation from one’s own body, and the disrespect toward women that may trigger gender dysphoria in certain troubled women.

Radical Snippets on Pregnancy
Radical Snippets on the dehumanizing words used for women in modern medical science due to the influence of the gender identity movement.

In a nation in which women are dropping dead at alarming rates from the routine act of birthing children, it is crucial that organizations like Childbirth International – which banned from their Facebook page hundreds of women who expressed hurt and confusion about being erased – and hospitals start listening to and respecting women. National Geographic reports:

700 women die each year in the U.S. from causes related to pregnancy or childbirth. Black women have a maternal mortality rate three times higher than that of white women. At least 60 percent of maternal deaths are preventable.

The third tragedy lies with greater society – the media, politicians, activists, the general populace – who, for the most part, do not believe people can change sex, yet actively foster the delusions of troubled individuals for their own ends. Politicians and the media wish to keep their pockets lined with the cash of the wealthy men who fund the gender identity movement. The general population prefer to behave like sheep, thoughtlessly following, repeating empty mantras, making no waves and seeing no evil until the damage personally affects them. No number of affirmations, slogans, pronouns, drugs or cosmetic procedures converts the biology of a person of one sex to the biology of another.

The final tragedy lies with the hospital’s medical staff, who displayed irresponsibility by failing to listen to the patient, and immediately suspect pregnancy due to her biology.

Nic Rider, a transgender health specialist and psychologist at the University of Minnesota, blames “implicit biases” about transgender health for the medical tragedy, arguing that health records should use male/female templates for gender, but “it doesn’t mean that we just throw out critical thinking or think about how humans are diverse.”

No, what the medical industry needs is to base every diagnosis in factual reality, and start respecting women.

A social media posting by a "trans man" (biological female) details the bizarre exchanges on pregnancy in her relationship with a "trans woman" (biological male).
A social media posting by a “trans man” (biological female) details the bizarre exchanges on pregnancy in her relationship with a “trans woman” (biological male).

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  1. I’m a Doula and this language that is dehumanizing to women and mother’s birthing is so incredibly disturbing and misogynistic. As a lesbian I have spoken up for Trans within the community for over 15 years. This newer extreme language and “activism” i.e. suing everyone who doesn’t agree is going too far. LGB are sexualities whereas T is gender identification. My partner and I both have had many conversations with Trans friends and it seems apart from this “self ID” what these extremists/activists want is to NOT have to ID as Trans. That’s going to backfire.


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