Kevin aka Rachel Patterson
Kevin Patterson, a repeat criminal offender, is accused of bludgeoning an older man to death in order to steal his property. He was able to delay his extradition for over four years by claiming to be transgender.

Abbotsford, British Columbia, CA – On Sept. 17, 2014, Kevin Patterson and Christopher Shade allegedly used shovels to bludgeon a man to death with the intent of robbing him.

The victim, 57-year-old Richard Bergesen, had met Mr. Patterson through his church, and offered the troubled youth a place to stay. Then aged 19, Mr. Patterson already had multiple criminal convictions under his belt.

The older man met his brutal demise in his Sammamish, WA home a year after taking in the youth as a housemate.

Richard Bergesen
Richard Bergesen, aged 57, was bludgeoned to death after taking in a troubled youth as a housemate.

The accused killers stole the victim’s money, credit cards and BMW before they fled to Canada by car, driving under a barbed wire fence near Spokane, WA.

United States law enforcement sources say the men used the stolen credit cards to go on a shopping spree in Abbotsford, B.C. and host a party at a hotel in the area.

The BMW was equipped with a GPS device, which U.S. authorities used to track the car to Canada. They arrested the duo later that day.

Christopher John Shade
Christopher John Shade, the co-defendant, admitted to participating in the savage beating death of the middle-aged man who tried to help troubled Kevin Patterson get his life on track.

Mr. Shade, then aged 18, was sent back to the U.S., and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

According to Mr. Shade’s confession, Mr. Patterson, aged 20 at the time of the incident, had summoned him to the house, and let him in on a plan to drug and rob Mr. Bergesen and use his car to flee to Canada. However, he said, Mr. Patterson deviated from the agenda, taking a shovel from the garage and entering Mr. Bergesen’s room alone. Mr. Shade said he heard odd sounds coming from the bedroom and went to investigate. He found Mr. Patterson beating the older man with a shovel and joined in, he said.

Mr. Patterson, who has dual U.S. and Canadian citizenship, fought extradition for over four years by filing eight motions.

He initially claimed he “identified as a homosexual” and had twice been subjected to sexual assault while serving prison sentences in the U.S.

In a follow-up motion, he added that he is also transgender, identifies as a woman named Rachel, and has been using hormones to transition to a feminine appearance. The accused killer said he is fearful of U.S. prisons, and “demanded diplomatic assurances” that he would be housed in a women’s facility if extradited to the U.S.

“The prejudice against transgendered prisoners is such that they would tear her to shreds,” Mr. Patterson’s lawyer asserted.

The Minister of Justice reviewed the policies of the King County and Washington state correctional system, and determined they have policies in place to protect and ensure just treatment of transgender inmates. They ordered him extradited.

Mr. Patterson appealed the extradition order, but in January 2019, the three judges who reviewed the application upheld the MOJ’s finding, declaring it would not be “oppressive or unjust” to extradite Mr. Patterson without the diplomatic assurances he demanded.

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