“Number 12 Looks Just Like You,” an episode of the classic television anthology The Twilight Zone, is an alarming look at a futuristic dystopian society. Citizens coming of age undergo “The Transformation,” a cosmetic procedure that alters a body to match an ideal physical form. The social collective agrees that major ills that lead to human suffering are eliminated when humans achieve an ideal physical form. There are strong parallels between The Transformation and society fostering it, and today’s modern gender identity movement and social forces propelling it. Gender identity ideology totes transition of bodies to a preferred form as the solution to a range of social and psychosocial problems. As viewers of “Number 12 Looks Just Like You” learn, when inquiring minds, independent thought and free will are the greatest dangers to a domineering power structure, things are not as they seem.

Imagine a time in the future where science has developed the means of giving everyone the face and body he dreams of. It may not happen tomorrow, but it happens now, in The Twilight Zone,

announces the opening narration of episode “Number 12 Looks Just Like You.”

Transformation in The Twilight Zone

Citizens of the society in “Number 12 Looks Just Like You” are in agreement that physical ugliness is the root of the world’s evils. To achieve individual happiness and further the good of the social collective, it is routine for each adult to undergo The Transformation upon turning 18-years-old. The process alters the adult’s face and body to resemble one of a small set of numbered models.

Numbered Models
Numbered Models in Twilight Zone: Number 12 Looks Just Like You

Eighteen-year-old Marilyn Cuberle is the only citizen who resists The Transformation. A radical thinker, Marilyn’s father had given the girl banned books, instilling in her a tendency to think outside the box. Her father succumbed to suicide after suffering through years of regret that the Transformation had caused him to lose his identity.

Marilyn has found satisfaction in being herself, but her family and peers are perplexed by her refusal to undergo a procedure that promises to make her perfect in physical form and extend her life. The Transformation is not required by law, and everyone believes they are choosing The Transformation of their own free will, but Marilyn suspects that leaders of the society are actually driving citizens toward the process to ensure uniformity.

Twilight Zone: Number 12 Looks Just Like You
Twilight Zone: Number 12 Looks Just Like You

When Marilyn’s concerned mother tells Dr Rex about her daughter’s rejection of The Transformation, the doctor has Marilyn confined to a hospital room against her will. According to the Dr Rex, Marilyn’s rejection of a process that would make her perfect and better society is proof that there is something psychologically wrong with her. He vows to cure her.

When Marilyn realizes during a panicked conversation with her best friend Valerie that the procedure transforms not only the outside appearance but also results in loss of free thought and personality, she attempts escape from the hospital. However, medical personnel plant a post-hypnotic suggestion in Marilyn’s mind, and she instead goes to the operating room and undergoes The Transformation.

When Marilyn emerges from the operating room, she looks identical to her friend Valerie.

Transformed Marilyn Looking in Mirror in Twilight Zone: Number 12 Looks Just Like You
Transformed Marilyn Looking in Mirror in Twilight Zone: Number 12 Looks Just Like You
Transition to a Gender Identity is The Transformation to Model Number 12

As in The Twilight Zone: “Number 12 Looks Just Like You,” the gender identity movement promises that individuals who are repulsed by or feel unable to accept their physical-biological forms will be cured by “Transition” of their bodies to match an ideal perception. “Transitioning is the process of changing the way you look and how people see and treat you so that you become the gender you feel on the inside,” Planned Parenthood declares. Transition may involve converting or removing offending body parts and internal organs. When there’s no physical transmutation, the individual is encouraged to transcend the body and identify only with a gendered brain or gendered soul.

Transition is boasted as a miracle cure for an assortment of ailments that lead to self-rejection and psychosocial issues, including depression, mental illnesses that are often cormorbid with gender dysphoria (including bipolar disorder, dissociative disorder and schizophrenia), substance abuse, self-harm and suicidal ideation. For example, a group of researchers made the lofty claim based on evaluation of four cases that “transition in gender dysphoria may improve comorbid psychosis.” This research – which included only four participants, was not a randomly selected cross-sample and lacked a control group, amongst other major flaws – would not be considered valid for real-world application by established academic standards. Several strong studies, including an extensive, longterm Swedish study of post-op transgender individuals, found that suicide rates do not decline after gender-affirming surgery.

Man looking in mirror sees a woman reflected back
Gender identity through the looking glass…

Gender identity theory promises that the more people who undergo Transition, the more society accepts Transition as routine “treatment,” and accepts the post-procedure self as the true self, social conflict will reduce, and many modern social concerns, such as social expectations placed on each sex, disparities in raises and promotions between the sexes, sexual harassment, rape, and the violence that men engage in at a higher rate on average than women, will all vanish.

There has been no shift toward fulfillment of these promises as the number of people who identify as transgender rises rapidly worldwide. For example, the number of reported rapes in nations like the US and UK, which increasingly embrace gender identity, are still on a sharp incline, reaching approximately 20% in both nations. Interestingly, nearly half of all transgender inmates in the UK are convicted sex offenders, which suggests crime will not be eliminated by mass gender Transition of citizenry.

Fascist conception of life … accepts the individual only insofar as his interests coincide with the state’s.

Benito Mussolini, fascist

While citizens seem to choose Transition of their own free will, peer pressure, family indoctrination (unintentional or deliberate), and coercion from schools and medical personnel may play strong roles in the phenomenon. Although self-reported data is not the ideal study type, and better research is needed, a recent survey of 256 parents of gender dysphoric youth suggests that “onset of gender dysphoria seemed to occur in the context of belonging to a peer group where one, multiple, or even all of the friends have become gender dysphoric and transgender-identified during the same timeframe.”

Fascism is a religion of the state. It assumes the organic unity of the body politic. … It is totalitarian in that it views everything as political and holds that any action by the state is justified to achieve the common good. It takes responsibility for all aspects of life … and seeks to impose uniformity of thought and action, whether by force or through regulation and social pressure. Everything Must … Be aligned with its objectives. Any rival identity is part of the ‘problem’ and therefore is defined as the enemy.

Jonah Goldberg, rightist

As a society shifts toward totalitarianism or fascism, it enforces uniformity. Men and women who question gender identity ideology have been fired from jobs and other roles, subjected to incarceration or police interrogation, expelled from school, no-platformed, and physically attacked.

Such societies eliminate potential rival identities, and establish a singular collective identity. Citizens who share physical biology generally have certain shared experiences (such as menstruating), and may bond socially to learn, teach or address common social, medical or political concerns or interests stemming from the shared biological reality.

Leftist Timothy Snyder wrote in On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century an understanding of totalitarianism that he intended as a scathing critique of US President Donald Trump. However, the analysis can be applied to the gender identity movement, which declares the sciences of sex a myth, ignores the sciences to favor magical thinking that says the individual can wish away biological reality, medicates healthy children and sets the children on the path to a lifelong regimen of pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetic surgeries, sacrifices women’s basic rights, and endlessly chants such propaganda as “trans women are women.” Gender identity proponents order those who find gender identity ideology questionable to have faith, and swallow all concerns in service of the social good Transition promises.

As observers of totalitarianism such as Victor Klemperer noticed, truth dies in four modes, all of which we have just witnessed.

The first mode is the open hostility to verifiable reality, which takes the form of presenting inventions and lies as if they were facts. … Demeaning the world as it is begins the creation of a fictional counterworld.

The second mode is shamanistic incantation. As Klemperer noted, the fascist style depends upon “endless repetition,” designed to make the fictional plausible. …

The next mode is magical thinking, or the open embrace of contradiction. …

Accepting untruth of this radical kind requires a blatant abandonment of reason. Klemperer’s descriptions of losing friends in Germany in 1933 over the issue of magical thinking ring eerily true today. One of his former students implored him to ‘abandon yourself to your feelings, and you must always focus on the Führer’s greatness, rather than on the discomfort you are feeling at present.’ …

The final mode is misplaced faith. … [N]o room remains for the small truths of our individual discernment and experience. … At the end of the war a worker told Klemperer that ‘understanding is useless, you have to have faith. I believe in the Führer.’
Timothy Snyder, leftist

Ultimately, Transition, like The Transformation, is intentionally dehumanizing, stripping young citizens of free thought, healthy sense of individual identity, and awareness of biological experiences they share with other members of their subgroups – suppressing it all to socially engineer the populace.


  1. I am a fat woman and have been fat all my life. I’ve spent the past 39 years studying the phenomenon of fatness and anti-fat bigotry. I’m amazed at the parallels between the belief in the fantasy of “weight loss” and the myth of the “sex change.” Fewer than 1 percent of people maintain more than a 20 lbs. “weight loss” (usually far less) for more than four years, yet the myth persists that fatness is voluntary and mutable. Fat people who dare to question the demand that we spend our lives — and greatly shorten our lives — in the pursuit of a magical bodily change that never happens have been and are punished as severally as those who dare to question the myths of gender identity. I was nearly fired from an organization I’d worked for for over 25 years solely because I dared question the claims of a workplace “health” program. I’ve received numerous death threats as a result of being a fat civil rights activist, and been called crazy and deluded, etc. etc. — once, by James Randy, who, despite his claims to love science, refuses to look at the data that’s amassed since the 1850s exonerating fat people from the crimes of gluttony, laziness or insanity of which we are routinely accused. All the rosy, magical promises made by gender identity proponents are made as well by the “weight loss” industry, and especially by those people practicing gastro-intestinal mutilation in the name of “weight loss.” (So-called “weight loss surgeries” fail in the long term nearly as often as other means and frequently result in death through suicide, nutritional deficiencies, heart failure, etc. GI mutilation sellers cite only statistics related to the deaths of fat people who are already hospitalized for complications from heart disease, cancer or diabetes. The supposed “success” rates for GI mutilation disappear when compared with the health and longevity of healthy fat people — 80 million of whom are in America alone.) I’m not sure whether or not they’re related, but it’s certainly interesting that we’re finally seeing some tiny advances in the fight for fat rights and fat equality (The fat civil rights movement is over 55 years old, despite the regular description in news articles over the decades calling it a “new movement.” Funny how short the memories of anti-fat bigots are…), it seems gender identity has sprung up to fill the needs of those people who need to believe not only that they have total control over the human body (Ultimately, is this all about the wish to avoid death?), who seem to have a compulsive need to cut into and maim otherwise healthy bodies, and who also desperately need to blame any form of human suffering on some random shallow charactertistic. Why do human beings cling to the irrational? Why the addiction to surgery as a cure for problems of the soul and intellect? If I were writing a parody of the horrors of fat hatred (not only GI mutilation, but deadly drugs, eating and exercise disorders, the decades of bizarre and deadly food rituals, tape worms, smoking as a “slimming” aid…) and I were to present gender identity as a metaphor, I would have been ridiculed for writing extremist fiction. And, yet, here we are living with this madness.


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