Jack Biamonte
Jack Biamonte denies medical science, calling it “general bias,” and a “trigger” for trans people. Medical research finds that blood transfusions from ever-pregnant women to men lead to an increased risk of death for men. (Credit: Travis McEwan/CBC)

Jack Biamonte, a woman who identifies as a man, announced that the blood donor screening process makes her “uncomfortable.” To have staff interview transgender-identified individuals based on their biological sex before the medical procedure will “really upset” and “trigger” them, she argued.

Ms. Biamonte has donated blood to Canadian Blood Services on several occasions, including five times over the past year. Staff at Canadian Blood Services assumed Ms. Biamonte was a man due to her physique and facial hair growth, which were induced by the cross-sex hormones Ms. Biamonte consumes as part of her goal to transcend biological sex and transition into gender identity.

During the latest visit, Ms. Biamonte notified the staff of her recent hysterectomy surgery. Realizing Ms. Biamonte was not a man, the staff informed her that they were required to conduct the interview based on her biological sex.

Questions such as, “Have you had a pregnancy over the past six months?” made the young woman “uncomfortable,” as they “reinforced, ‘You were born female; we have to consider you female’,” Ms. Biamonte complained in an interview with the Scottish Sun.

Medical science research has found that when men receive blood transfusions from female donors who have ever been pregnant, such male blood transfer recipients have an increased rate of death. Dr. Rutger Middleburg attests in the Journal of the American Medical Association:

Male recipients who received a transfusion from an ever-pregnant female donor had a statistically significant increase in mortality compared with those who received a transfusion from a male donor or from a female donor without a history of pregnancy.

Ms. Biamonte dismisses this medical science research as “general bias.” “There needs to be more medically pertinent questions that are based on actual fact,” Ms. Biamonte claimed.

Ms. Biamonte declared that she intends to continue putting pressure on Canadian Blood Services until they change their policy and begin overlooking biological sex in blood donor screening interviews.

For now, Ms. Biamonte is reluctant to donate blood, aware that her belief in gender identity will be invalidated prior to every donation.


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  1. So this twanny gave blood, never revealed they were a twanny, then by their own admission gave info to reveal they are in fact a twanny and when due to the SCIENTIFIC facts of the situation gets offended by it. There is no such thing as transgender and they are fucking with scientific facts to accommodate their delusions to the detriment of everyone else. Well I’m offended by these fuck wits. I’m a woman who has been pregnant which is biological scientific fact and if someone told me my blood would kill a man due to the fact I had been pregnant it wouldn’t offend me at all and when you are
    born into a body then that is your sex and the scientific facts of the matter are a necessity.

  2. The epitome of selfishness. It reinforces the opinion that they really ARE nuts, because NORMAL people would consider a person’s life to be of greater importance.

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