Vancouver, British Columbia, CA – A B.C. Supreme Court Justice found a man guilty of “family violence” and threatened to have him fined or imprisoned if he again refers to his 14-year-old biologically female child as a girl, uses her birth name, or attempts to dissuade her from a medical regimen intended to affirm her perception of her gender.

The man’s child has been depressed and suicidal since her parents’ separation in 2013, according to court documents filed by the father. In grade seven, she developed a crush on a male teacher, and wrote him love notes. After school officials forced her to stop, she sunk into despair and isolation, and declared herself a lesbian. The next semester, she developed a crush on another male teacher. When school officials removed her from his class, she stalked him and threatened suicide over the rejection. After watching Handsome and Majestic at school, she told school officials she identifies as a boy, court papers reveal. Handsome and Majestic is a documentary about a girl who identifies as a transgender boy.

The adolescent girl began identifying as a boy after watching "Handsome and Majestic," a 12-minute documentary about a girl who identifies as a transgender boy.
The adolescent girl began identifying as a boy after watching Handsome and Majestic, a 12-minute documentary about a girl (shown above) who identifies as a transgender boy.

School officials referred the girl, then aged 13, and her mother to Dr. Wallace Wong, an outspoken transgender activist who regularly treats children living with gender dysphoria. Dr. Wong declared the adolescent a “good candidate” for transition, and gave her a referral to the gender clinic at B.C. Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Wallace Wong
Dr. Wallace Wong is accused of coaching parents to have their transgender-identified children threaten suicide in order to hasten and secure gender-affirming medicines.

When his estranged wife notified him that she’d signed papers granting permission to the clinic to begin administering testosterone, the adolescent’s father expressed strong opposition. “My daughter is only 13 years old and I do believe she lacks the mental capacity and emotional maturity to make this decision,” he wrote in an August 2018 to a social worker at B.C. Children’s Hospital. “I want to go on record as saying you definitely do not have my consent to move forward with this procedure.”

Dr. Brenden Hursh of B.C. Children’s Hospital wrote the father a letter in December, in which he stated that the adolescent is a “mature minor,” and under section 17 of the BC Infants Act, “ it is ultimately up to [the child] to give or withhold consent to his own medical care; neither you nor his mother can make this decision.”

Brenden Hursh
Brenden Hursh declared the 13-year-old a “mature minor” capable of making permanent decisions about her body without parental guidance or approval.

The father sought an injunction to prevent Dr. Hursh from administering testosterone to the adolescent on her own recognizance. Psychiatrist Miriam Grossman of Airmont, NY and pediatric endocrinologist Dr. Quentin Van Meter of Atlanta, GA gave evidence via affidavit of the harmful psychological and physical effects gender transition can have on a child.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Gregory Bowden ruled in favor of the adolescent. He found that gender dysphoria places the girl at high risk of suicide, thus it “shall be considered to be family violence” for the father to attempt to dissuade the child from undergoing medical intervention, or address her by her birth name, as a girl, or with female pronouns.

Lawyer Jessica Lithwick, represented the teen and her mother
Lawyer Jessica Lithwick represented the adolescent girl.

The father, citing concern for his “very vulnerable” child and desire to raise public awareness and support, gave interviews with multiple media organizations. In the interviews, he referred to his child as a girl, just as he had done throughout court proceedings. He did not name the girl or show his own face on camera.

She can “[explore] the role of being male” without the irreversible and damaging step of receiving testosterone, the father said in an interview with The Federalist, continuing:

[These injections] will completely disrupt her puberty. … Her bones will stop growing, her brain will stop developing, and she’s not gonna be a boy. She won’t even have the bone-strength left to be a girl anymore.

The adolescent, who has been receiving testosterone shots from B.C. Children’s Hospital since the February ruling, expressed distress that her father “was unable” to call her by her “chosen name or gender”:

I love my father. I want to have his name as my middle name. … But I cannot be around him unless he respects who I am and my gender identity.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari found that the man’s conduct in discussing the issue with the media put the child at risk of exposure, violence, bullying and harassment. The judge’s order mandates that the father be arrested, immediately and “without warrant,” if any officer of the law has “reasonable” grounds to believe that he has in any way referred to his child as a girl, whether in public or in private.

British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari
British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Francesca Marzari threatened to have a father imprisoned for calling his daughter a girl.

Lawyers for the father slammed the judge’s order as “draconian.” The dad argued that his public commentary was essential to society and to his rights as a parent. His lawyers are planning to appeal Justice Marzari’s order on the grounds of “freedom of expression, freedom of thought and opinion, and freedom of conscience,” according to Herb Dunton, one of the lawyers. Mr Dunton confirmed that the father will comply with the order while the appeal is prepared.

Acting on the father’s behalf, lawyer Carey Linde filed a complaint with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia against Dr. Wong, the psychologist who initially assessed the child. The complaint alleges that Dr. Wong coached parents of transgender children to have the children threaten suicide as a tactic to secure gender-affirming medical intervention. Cited as evidence of the accusation is a recording of a talk given by Dr. Wong at a Vancouver public library in February.

We have received information that the father and lawyers are planning to turn this into a class action lawsuit against doctors, health care personnel and others involved with transitioning children at B.C. Children’s Hospital Gender Clinic. According to a representative from Culture Guard, an organization the father has turned to for support:

Patients of any age who signed deficient ‘informed consent’ forms and went on to experience negative and improperly disclosed consequences from gender transition treatment, and the families of those who committed suicide following such treatment, may be entitled to damages from the defendants’ negligence.

Such affected parties are encouraged to contact lawyers Herb Dunton at (604)546-7427, or Carey Linde at (604)375-7794.

–UPDATED 10:55 AM Friday, May 31, 2019 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) —

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