David Challenor
David Challenor (Credit: West Midlands Police)

Coventry, West Midlands, UK – UK Green Party election agent and transgender rights activist David “Baloo” Challenor, aged 50, held a 10-year-old girl captive in his attic, and dressed himself to look like a baby girl while subjecting the child to repeated rapes and sexual torture.

David wore diapers and infant-style dresses in his size, while using on the child such instruments of torture as bondage gear, whips, devices that administer electric shocks, tape, and rope suspended from the ceiling.

He memorialized the sexual abuse by taking photographs. Investigators discovered pornographic images of other children in David’s possession, as well.

David, a married father, was convicted of his crimes and sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Aimee Challenor (Courtesy: Times)

David’s son Aimee Challenor, aged 20, is a man who self-identifies as a woman. Until months ago, Aimee lived with his father in the home in which the rape and sexual torture of the child were already occurring. Aimee is Equalities spokesperson for the Green Party, and most recently, was running for Deputy Leader of the party.

LGBTIQA Greens - Challenor
David Challenor was instrumental to the establishment of the Greens Party’s official trans policy.

David served on Aimee’s campaign trail while awaiting trial for the rape and sexual torture of the 10-year-old. As a result of public backlash following his father’s conviction, Aimee pulled out of the race for Deputy Leader in disgrace on 26 of August, 2018.

David’s activism was instrumental to the Green Party’s adaption of an official transgender policy. Under the transgender policy, the women’s arm of the Greens uses the term “non-men” in its outreach to women, in order to avoid trans-identified individuals from feeling excluded from joining women’s groups.

David was previously found to be engaging in cruelty to animals.


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