Andrew Clyde Swofford
Andrew Clyde Swofford (Credit: Guilford County Sheriff’s Office)

Greensboro, North Carolina, US – A 30-year-old man was arrested after a frightened 20-year-old female student said she discovered him living in her closet and wearing her clothes.

Maddie, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, would often return to her room to find hand-prints on walls and mirrors, and kept missing items of clothing, such as pants and shoes. She joked with her roommate that their off-campus apartment at Summit at The Edge must be haunted by a ghost.

On Saturday, February 2, 2019, the young woman returned home for a lunch break, and heard a rattling noise coming from the closet. “It sounded like a raccoon,” Maddie would later tell reporters.

She called out, “Who’s there?”

The man in the closet casually replied, “Oh, my name is Drew.”

A creepy man haunted the apartment of university student Maddie, who is shown above by her closet. Maddie prefers not to be identified. (Courtesy: Global News)

Maddie asked the stranger in the closet if he would hurt her if she opened the closet door, and he assured her he would not.

Maddie proceeded to open the closet to find a man sitting inside, fully dressed in her clothes, including her socks and shoes.

He also had “a book bag full of my clothes,” Maddie later said.

Andrew Clyde Swofford
30-year-old Andrew Clyde Swofford hid in the closet of a young college student and wore her clothes.

Maddie called her boyfriend, and kept the odd man distracted with conversation while she waited for help to arrive.

Andrew Clyde Swofford
Andrew Clyde Swofford in the closet of a young female student.

“He tries on my hat. He goes in the bathroom and looks in the mirror and then is like, ‘You’re really pretty, can I give you a hug?'” Maddie later recalled.

Once Maddie’s boyfriend arrived, he asked the intruder to leave the apartment.

Maddie called 911 to report the incident.

Andrew Clyde Swofford, the man accused of living in the closet, was arraigned on 14 felony charges, including breaking and entering, larceny, possession of stolen goods, identity theft, resist, and delay or obstruct a police officer.

If convicted, he faces up to 17 years in prison.

Mr. Swofford is currently being held in Guilford County Jail on $26,000 bond.

Andrew Swofford has been charged with 14 felonies, and faces up to 17 years in prison.

Greensboro police are not certain how the man entered the apartment, as an investigation found no signs of forced entry. The two roommates said they are very careful about locking doors. Burkely Communities, the property management company, said they had changed the locks in December after Maddie and her roommate returned home to find two strange men sitting in their living room.

The frightened student made plans to move out of the apartment. “Last night I did not feel safe. I slept with my roommate in her bed,” Maddie said. “I can’t stay here. … I’m just ready to leave.”

A University of North Carolina-Greensboro spokesperson said university staff spoke with Maddie, and “offered any and all support resources we have.”


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