Craig Tefler (l.) becomes Cece Tefler (r.)
Craig Tefler (l.) becomes Cece Tefler (r.) (Courtesy: soulmusic911 / Twitter; NCAADII / Twitter)

I can tell you’re all excited by the smile on your faces, and I don’t blame you. Yes, Mr Brownstone is back, and better than ever.

Today, guys, I’m going to discuss with you something that any guy with a level head would get upset about. Even the women who actually care about women’s rights and fairness are going to get angry at this.

The topic of the day is Craig Telfer. Craig is a good hurdler and all around athletes, who was on the Franklin Pierce men’s track team, and he’s got some pretty good stats. Craig finished second at the Greater Boston Track Club Invitational in the 60 meter hurdles as a junior, losing only to his teammate by less than 1/10 of a second.

Craig was well on his way to becoming a top men’s athlete until he decided that he wanted to steal the glory from women athletes and become Cece.

Cece has an unfair advantage over women athletes

I find this disgusting. Craig is a biological male, which means he has a huge advantage over women competitors. There’s no way any woman can compete with him. Here’s why.

Cece is bigger, stronger, taller and faster than any woman competitor. Recently, Cece won the 60 meter dash, against Stonehill senior Olivia Dextor, and Assumption College’s Victorian Steffens, a Wachusett graduate at the Northeast 10 Conference Championship meet.

To put this into a sane perspective, his time of 7.63 would’ve been .72 seconds behind the men’s winner, and a full half second behind the 8th place finisher.

Cece easily won the 200-meter dash, stealing first place rights from Southern Connecticut State’s Begotty Laroche, Dexter, and Steffon.

But that’s not all. His time of 24.45 seconds was nearly 3 seconds slower than the men’s winner, and nearly 2 seconds behind the 8th place finisher on the men’s side.

Then Cece went on to win the 60-meter hurdles by over half a second, easily beating Stonehill’s Zoe Smith, while also taking down UMass Lowell’s Elisabeth Monty’s six year old meet record by .06 seconds.

Cece took a hard earned record away from Elisabeth Monty

Elisabeth Monty at Shepard Hill worked very hard to break the world record in hurdling and was an excellent athlete. She finished third in the state as a senior.

Now that Craig has decided to become Cece, her name will disappear from the record books. Her time of 8.55 would’ve beaten the second place finisher’s time by 0.4 seconds, an eternity in a short race like that.

The fact of the matter is there’s a huge advantage to the taller athlete in hurdling. The men’s hurdles are six inches taller than the women’s hurdles, and closer together.

Cece is not only a dude, but also very tall. This Hercules can literally step over the hurdles as if they’re not even there.

His bones are bigger and longer. He has more muscle mass, with testosterone running through them. Of course he has an unfair advantage.

In sports, when an athlete takes steroids to increase testosterone, we call it cheating. But when a guy with massive amounts of testosterone competes against women, we call it gender progress.

Cece’s time would have placed him in the top 8 on the men’s side, plus he’s one of the best male hurdlers in New England.

He scored 30 of his team’s 52 points by himself to help Franklin Pierce finish 6th overall, single-handedly scoring more points than Merrimack, Le Moyne, and Bentley College.

Let me ask you guys something

When are we going to stop pretending that this type of disgrace is going to end? Are we going to let these guys continue to beat up on a bunch of women?

When are you women going to get tired of being cheated, and tell the sports organizations that you refuse to compete?

If every woman athlete got together and said that they refuse to compete until this seizes to exist, a few things will happen.

Everybody who thinks this is right, from our government to the groups who endorse this, will stop this madness.

Or we won’t have anymore women in sports.

These organizations and government officials who don’t have the b@!!$ to stand up for what’s right, can’t make you compete. They can ruin the sports world, but can’t control your rights to walk away from what’s wrong.

Why should they make money off you when they are taking away your rights to win at your sports, because they care more about these sick males than your safety?

Plus, when you can’t become world champions, you lose money. It’s time to take away their money also.

And also think of this. If you no longer compete, will there be a women’s division in sports anymore?

Without a women’s division, will they have to start competing against other males?

Start standing up for what’s right like America use to do, and stop this nonsense.

People like Cece shouldn’t be awarded the Most Outstanding Female Track Performer of the Meet when he’s not truly a woman.

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  1. Even a small boy knows never to compete with girls in sport. If you lose, even because you stumbled and fell, you will never live the defeat down. Nicknames will be coined. There are no bragging rights for boys or men who beat women in any sport no matter how. Those that do are looked upon as a wuss. The psychology of this is curious.


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