Trans Rights Activists

    Chad Eugene Sevearance-Turner

    Transgender Rights Activist Chad Sevearance-Turner Has History of Sexually Abusing Children

    223 304 O Diana

    Charlotte, North Carolina – Convicted child molester Chad Sevearance-Turner is a highly esteemed transgender rights activist in Charlotte, North Carolina. As president of Charlotte’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce (CLGBTCC), Chad…

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    Synthia China Blast

    Vicious Child Rapist / Murderer Demands Sex Change & Freedom: Synthia China Blast

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    Synthia China Blast identified as a woman and was wearing a skirt while raping and torturing his girl victim and disposing of her charred remains. Bronx, New York – 22-year-old…

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    Gigi Thomas, insert courtesy of Facebook

    Transgender and Prominent Trans Rights Activist Slaughters Long-time Friend: Gigi Thomas

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    Gigi Thomas, insert courtesy of Facebook Temple Hills, Maryland – Veteran transgender rights activist Gigi Marie Thomas, 45, and Devale Lamont Avery, 47, were acquaintances for 30 years. One night,…

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    Cherno Biko, Trans Activist

    Male Trans Activist who Identifies as Transgender Rapes Woman to Impregnate Her: Cherno Biko

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    prominent trans activist cherno biko confessed that he raped woman to impregnate her with his black, non-binary baby and form a “holy trinity” black, gender non-conforming family Cherno Biko is…

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    Dana McCallum, Rapist, Transgender Activist and Twitter Engineer

    Trans-Identified Twitter Engineer Rapes His Wife: Dana McCallum

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    dana mccallum confessed to rape San Franscisco, Calif. – Dana Contreras, who goes by the name Dana McCallum professionally, is a transgender community activist, and at the time of the…

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