Shauna Smith

    Transgender Target Store Voyeur Records Video of Teen Girl Undressing: Shauna (née Sean) Smith

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    Idaho Falls, Idaho – On April 19, 2016, Target, the second largest department store retailer in the United States, changed its store policy to permit people to use fitting rooms…

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    Tanner Young

    Trans-Identified Man Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Minor with Sex Toy: Tanner (a.k.a. Evelyn) Young

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    Tanner Young allegedly assaulted a minor with a sex toy. Lowell, Arkansas – Tanner Young is a 24-year-old man who identifies as a woman named Evelyn. Tanner is accused of…

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    University College, University of Toronto

    University of Toronto: Gender-Neutral Restrooms Partially Reversed After Female Students Recorded in Shower

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    Female students taking a shower in “gender-neutral” washrooms at University of Toronto’s University College were victims of voyeurism. (Credit: University of Toronto) The University of Toronto converted all restrooms on…

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    Chad Eugene Sevearance-Turner

    Transgender Rights Activist Chad Sevearance-Turner Has History of Sexually Abusing Children

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    Charlotte, North Carolina – Convicted child molester Chad Sevearance-Turner is a highly esteemed transgender rights activist in Charlotte, North Carolina. As president of Charlotte’s LGBT Chamber of Commerce (CLGBTCC), Chad…

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    Transgender-Identified Man Rapes Woman in Prison Shower

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    Lehigh County, PA – A man who declared himself a woman was incarcerated in a women’s prison. He violently raped a female inmate in the shower, holding a sharp object…

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    Tiffany Abreu

    How The Transgender Movement is Destroying Women’s Sports

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    Trans women competing in sports against regular women is a huge topic these days. Men on average are naturally bigger, stronger, faster, and have more endurance than women. Our lungs,…

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    Trans-Identified Man Coerces Lesbians to Perform Oral Sex on Penises in Public Speech

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    Oswaldo Cruz, São Paulo – Philosophy professor and militant transgender rights activist Luiza Coppieters speaks at the 16th annual Walk of Lesbian and Bisexual Women of São Paulo, Brazil. His…

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    Bloody "I Punch TERFs" T-shirts at Degenderettes Antifa Art Exhibit

    Lesbian Fears Transextremist Hate Group “DeGenderettes” May Attack Lesbians at San Francisco Pride

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    Degenderettes at San Francisco Pride Degenderette with bat at San Francisco Pride Degenderettes with bats at San Francisco Pride Degenderettes with bats at San Francisco Pride Degenderettes at San Francisco…

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    Transgender Activists Campaign for Government Seizure of Gender Non-Conforming Children

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    Tweet by transgender activist Julie Rei Goldstein, a man who has self-declared as a woman Hamilton County, Ohio – Transgender rights activists have launched a legal campaign to have law…

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