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    Maya Dillard Smith

    Concern for Effect of Trans Movement on Women & Girls Compels Maya Dillard Smith’s Resignation from ACLU of GA

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    Atlanta, Georgia – Maya Dillard Smith, Interim Director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), was forced to resign because her logic and concern for her…

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    Synthia China Blast

    Vicious Child Rapist / Murderer Demands Sex Change & Freedom: Synthia China Blast

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    Synthia China Blast identified as a woman and was wearing a skirt while raping and torturing his girl victim and disposing of her charred remains. Bronx, New York – 22-year-old…

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    Louis Massei

    Trans-Identified Man Convicted in Gang Rape of Teen Girl: Lisa (née Louis) Massei

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    Violent child rapist Louis Massei Lisa (née Louis) Massei is a man who self-identifies as a woman. He was convicted of participating in the violent gang rape of a 16-year-old…

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    Gigi Thomas, insert courtesy of Facebook

    Transgender and Prominent Trans Rights Activist Slaughters Long-time Friend: Gigi Thomas

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    Gigi Thomas, insert courtesy of Facebook Temple Hills, Maryland – Veteran transgender rights activist Gigi Marie Thomas, 45, and Devale Lamont Avery, 47, were acquaintances for 30 years. One night,…

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    Michael Adams

    Trans-Identified Man Kills Girlfriend Because She Was Leaving Him: Michael Adams

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    Michael Adams, who is transgender, slaughtered the mother of his two children Harrisonville, Missouri — Michael Adams, a man who identifies as a woman, was in the process of using…

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    Transgender Pedophile Sends Bomb Threats to Government Officials: Marcia (née Mark) Walker

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    Marcia (née Mark) Walker, a child rapist, made bomb threats because he resented the time it was taking to get gender-affirming surgery South Littleton, Worcestershire – Marcia Walker, aged 43,…

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    Patrick Hagan

    Trans-identified Man Brutalizes Woman who Questions His Presence in Women’s Restroom: Patrick Hagan

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    New Port Richey, Florida – Patrick Hagan, a 6-foot-3, 280-pound man who identifies as a woman and was planning to have gender-affirming surgery, was using the women’s restroom at a…

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    Jason Pomare

    Male Cross-dresser Records Women in Restrooms: Jason Pomare

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    Transvestite voyeur Jason Pomare recorded women in the restroom Image courtesy of NBC News Los Angeles, California – Jason Pomare, aged 33, entered the women’s restroom under the guise of…

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