David Becker
David Becker shortly after the rape and murders (Courtesy: Courier Journal)

Jefferson County, Kentucky, US – David Becker, accused in 1979 of raping his nine-year-old niece and then murdering her and his parents, now identifies as a woman and admits to having “had feelings in the past that were consistent with autogynephilia”.

According to Jefferson County police detectives, David Becker confessed to the rape and the three murders about five hours after he had been brought in for questioning on the night of the crimes. The detectives said that Becker told them that while he was raping his niece in his parents’ bedroom, his mother walked in. Becker ran to the kitchen, grabbed a rifle, shot his mother and then his father. A detective testified that Becker said “he did not remember shooting Erika, but that he must have”. Evidence showed that Erika had been raped.

Becker refused to sign a statement or allow one to be recorded, and later denied that he had confessed. His three sisters, including Erika’s mother, insisted he was innocent. They hired a defense team that eventually consisted of three lawyers, private detectives, scuba divers, a helicopter pilot, a graphics artist, a hypnotist and several nationally noted criminologists. The jury found Becker not guilty on all charges and he was discharged.

Three decades later, Andrew Wolfson, a journalist looking into the case, learned that at a closed hearing a few months before the trial, Becker had testified that he had once tried to have sex with the family cat. Becker also stated that he had touched Erika’s vagina when she was about 6 months old and he was a teenager. His lawyers moved to suppress that evidence at trial, referring to it as “highly prejudicial” and irrelevant.  The judge granted the motion, meaning that the jury never heard Becker’s admissions of bestiality and pedophilia.

Wolfson also discovered that in 2004, a petition was filed in probate court to change Beckett’s name from David to “Kathleen Anne”, as “Becker is transgendered and pursuing gender reassignment.” The previous year, Becker had disclosed via a transgender website that “I have known all my life that I have been just not ‘quite right’. Cross dressing, imagining myself as female”.

I have known all my life that I have been just not ‘quite right’. Cross-dressing, imagining myself as female and placing myself in mental roles, and the classic having difficulty trying to relate with women … as a man (although I have always done great as a friend, and in groups, have found myself gravitating to the women, where I felt more at ease). And even having an interest in SRS and not understanding why. I had always heard that transsexuals were young, gay and effeminate, and always knew they were female. I did not fit that standard mold.
Kathleen (né David) Becker, June 2003

Becker further indicated having “feelings in the past that were consistent with autogynephilia”. Autogynephilia is a term coined by Ray Blanchard, a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, to describe males who are sexually aroused “with the thought or image of themselves as women”.

Yes, it does hurt me to think that what I have might simply be a paraphilia. However, with the same level of introspection that I have used before, I have taken a lot of time thinking on this issue. Have I had feelings in the past that were consistent with autogynephilia? The answer to that is ‘yes’. BUT, having been on hormones for about a year, with testosterone now quite low and manageable, many of those specific feelings have indeed waned.
Kathleen (né David) Becker, June 2003

In 2007, Becker attempted to expunge the record of the arrest and indictment. However, prosecutors objected, stating their “belief that the defendant is responsible for the murder and sexual assault of the victim is as strong today as it was in 1979”. A judge denied Becker’s motion.

Wolfson wrote to Becker, asking “wouldn’t a reasonable person conclude that police were telling the truth when they said you told them that your mother had walked in when you were acting indecently with your niece and that you subsequently killed them and your father?”. Becker sent a total of four long emails in response, outlining life since the acquittal, along with a theory of who committed the crimes. When the journalist asked why Becker had improperly touched Erika as a baby, Becker ceased corresponding.

Kathleen (né David) Becker
Kathleen (née David) Becker, circa 2003 (Courtesy: transgendermap.com)

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